Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy - Court Approved

The reunification therapist spends time individually with the child and with the reunifying parent before meeting with both of them together. Moreover, the therapist acts as a container for the reunifying parent and child to safely address their relationship and makes contact with the individual therapists as needed to coordinate treatment. As mentioned above, adjunct individual therapy is useful as illustrated by a couple of examples: 1) when the custodial parent may feel left out of the process and question the child and impose his/her feelings on the child which undermines the reunification process then that parent could use his/her therapy to work on these issues 2)if the child has significant concerns about seeing the reunifying parent then in addition to the individual sessions with the reunification therapist, an individual therapist for the child is recommended

During stage one, the “assessment” stage, the Reunification Therapist will meet the visiting parent between a few times in order to gather enough information to document a treatment plan.  I will also request to meet the children and the residential parent at the onset of therapy, and will meet with the children individually (concurrent to meetings with the visiting parent) to create an "interactive" treatment plan prior to the start of joint therapy.  Please ignore the time slot on the Class Schedule tabs - we can Customize the time of meetings to match your schedule.


Not that Reunification is NOT Supervision,


If you need Monitored Supervision Services - We offer that service and we meet the California Court standards.   We are capable of handing High Conflict and High Risk cases.  We HAVE AN OFFICE - not just in the field supervision.  

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NOTE:  Counselors are Mandated Reporters of Abuse: Protect Children and Dependent Adults and Elders From Abuse - See link to Reporting Rules.


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