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Work Life Balance:

We are all trying to understand and cope with the enormous changes in our work and personal lives. Mostly we react in a positive and productive manner. However, many attorneys are describing their lives as so busy, working so many hours, that they often feel physically and emotionally exhausted.

Balancing your work and personal life requires being clear on your purpose, mission, and values. It is really self-management . The way you keep balance in your work and life is to set priorities and focus on what is truly most important.


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Download: Work Life Balance
NQ Study:

PPT presentation on NQ

Download: NQ Study
SMART Goal Tool:

Setting Goals is Key to Success. See the attached document on how to set SMART goals.

Download: SMART Goal Tool
What is your NQ?:

Networking Smarter: What's Your NQ? 

Download: What is your NQ?

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