Co-Custody High Conflict Parenting or Coparenting

Coparenting Class (also called High-Conflict Parenting Class) CAN NOW BE DONE via ZOOM.  

These topics are covered:

Managing High Conflict Personalities in Family Law Cases

Dealing with High Conflict Ex Partners: 

  • Managing High Conflict People in Court

  • Managing High Conflict People in Collaborative Practice

These topics can be incorporated into any seminar:

  • Alienation

  • Child abuse

  • True and false reports of abuse

  • High conflict personalities

  • Domestic violence/Personality Disorders

  • Role of Mediators, Supervisors and parenting coordinators


Minimum of 4 Meetings  (to cover 10 hours worth of material) VIA ZOOM.  It DOES meet both Los Angeles and the Ventura and DCFS/CPS requirements.  We are an Approved Program and we use an evidenced-based intervention proven to produce results. Upon comleting our program, you will be given a certificate of completion to submit to court via your attorney. Here is the current schedule LINK.

Please DO NOT BE FOOLED by ONLINE websites stating you can do your classes online - THOSE WILL NOT COUNT IN FAMILY COURT!  We are court approved and you can do classes in our various locations. See the Class Schedule - Ignore the day/time slots - we will customize the schedule to meet your time preferences.  

So if you select the invidivual option we can complete the course.  If you select a group class option (that is a set time with other parents) you will need to meet 4 times.  Call 805-390-6384 for information and enrollment options - Or just sign up under the Website Class Schedule link at the top.    Click here for the Intake Form.  

Our High Conflict Diversion Program (high conflict parenting class) requires that only one parent understand and implement the strategies we teach. Even with changes incorporated by one parent, the conflict can be stopped.  It should be noted that when substance abuse, personality disorders or other issues of this nature (such as a spouse who can’t or won’t “disconnect”) are involved, special and more individualized strategies are required. These are all incorporated into the curriculum and a major focus of the High Conflict Diversion Program.  

NOTE:  Counselors are Mandated Reporters of Abuse: Protect Children and Dependent Adults and Elders From Abuse - See link to Reporting Rules.

Call 805-390-6384 for more information or enroll online by going to CLASS SCHEDULE.

Click here for the INTAKE FORM for the ZOOM online individual class (only option at this time). 

Exit Exam Form - Click for the form.  Please print, fill out, sign and date and then email back to




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