Supervised Visitations

Supervised/Monitored Visitiations:

Supervised visitation/Monitored Visits (COURT APPROVED) allow parents in high conflict or high risk situations access to their children in a safe and supervised environment. The noncustodial parent has access to the child only when supervised by another adult. Supervised visitation is used to protect children from potentially dangerous situations while allowing parental access and providing support for the parent child relationship.  All Cornerstone supervised visitation monitors are trained to meet the current standards required to fulfill the responsibilities of a supervised visitation monitor as required in Assembly Bill 1674 and rules of the court 5.20. Unlike many other monitoring agencies and individuals, all Cornerstone supervised monitors also meet the new standards imposed for supervised visitation monitors regarding training and education as implemented on Jan 1, 2013.

Supervised visitation has many forms, including one-on-one supervision, neutral or monitored exchange, telephone or video monitoring, and therapeutic supervision. We do all types at Cornerstone.

  • One-on-one supervision is when a one parent and that parent's children are supervised alone.  This type is done in office or in a park setting.
  • Neutral or monitored exchange allows parents to pick up and drop off, or exchange the child for changes of possession, without direct contact with each other, minimizing conflict.
  • Telephone or video monitoring has become more popular as people move around the world more, allowing for monitoring of telephone, videoconferencing, and other virtual visitation.
  • Therapeutic supervision involves either visitation being monitored or assisted by a trained psychotherapist (LMFT), especially valuable when the children are emotionally unable to visit the noncustodial parent without a strong emotional reaction, or when dealing with parental alienation syndrome


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