Resources for Mediation

Mediation Intake:

What Mediation is:

  • A non-adversarial way of resolving conflicts and reaching agreements. It is an active process in which a trained, impartial professional helps you analyze your situation, define the issues, explore your options, clarify your goals and negotiate an agreement which all parties feel is mutually satisfactory, fair and realistic.
  • Ideally suited for assisting families in transition to negotiate agreements which respect and protect the needs of all family members.
  • Cost- and time-effective. A cooperative approach requires less professional time than an adversarial one and clients proceed according to their own timetables.
  • Voluntary, private and confidential and provides a combat-free setting where cooperative and collaborative resolutions are promoted.
  • Preventative in nature. When used at the onset of a business, contractual, family or other relationship, it can minimize future misunderstanding, improve communication, and provide for future review and modification.

Divorce and Separation considers:

  • division and property
  • support of children
  • custody issues
  • cooperative parenting agreements
  • spousal support
  • payment of debts
  • tax consequences
  • financial and career planning
  • preparation of separation and divorce agreements
  • preparation of all legal documents necessary for dissolution of marriage.
  • child support modifications spousal support modifications
  • custody and visitation issues
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