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Individual Session Contract 2013:

Why people say yes to counseling:                Call Cornerstone - 805-390-6384

  • They trust you.
  • They trust someone above you.
  • They respect you.
  • They have relationship with you.
  • They believe in the vision.
  • They like being part of a winning team.
  • They have a mature understanding of a serving heart.
  • They have a passion for the ministry.
  • They have a need to be useful.
  • They have a desire to be connected to something of meaning.
  • They desire to please God.
  • You asked them.

Why people say no to counseling:

  • See the above list and reverse each statement to the negative.

Why people quit going:
(Actual quotes from those who have left)

  • "I never knew exactly what they wanted me to do."
  • "No one provided leadership, so my questions never got answered."
  • "There was no training."
  • "There was no ongoing supervision or evaluation."
  • "They forgot about me after they gave me the job."
  • "No one ever said thanks."
  • "They seem like they are continually disorganized."
  • "There was a serious breakdown of communication."
  • "They expected too much."
  • "It seemed like it was all about achieving the pastor's personal goals."
  • "I told them I didn't want the job, but they begged me."
  • "I never received the tools and resources I needed."
  • "It wasn't any fun."

Why people remain in counseling:

  • You maintain solid trust, respect, and healthy relationships.
  • You provide high quality training.
  • You take responsibility for leadership.
  • You consistently express gratitude.
  • You empower them to get the job done.
  • You give them the credit and public recognition.
  • You communicate clearly, concisely, consistently, and quickly.
  • They sense eternal meaning and value in what they are doing.
  • They are not overloaded.
  • They enjoy what they do and have fun at it.
  • They are maturing in their faith and understand their role in the body of Christ.
  • They have a taste of being part of changing lives (especially their own). 
Download: Individual Session Contract 2013
HIPAA Release Form:

HIPAA Release Form - Complete before attending your first session.  Bring to Appointment.

Download: HIPAA Release Form
Former Client Reviews - YELP:

Go to the Reviews on The HIDDEN section of YELP as well...

Download: Former Client Reviews  - YELP
Clinical Assessment Medical:

Client  - Please fill this out prior to our session and bring it to our first appointment.

Download: Clinical Assessment Medical
EAP Assessment CIGNA:

Cigna Clinical Assessment Form for EAP clients

Download: EAP Assessment CIGNA
Spanish Documents:

All translations of Major Website in Spanish Services

Download: Spanish Documents

Individual Intake

Download: Intake SPANISH

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