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Domestic Violence Treatment Class:

  1. What does this class cover? – Clients learn how to manage anger, eliminate all forms of domestic abuse, manage stress at home and work, assertiveness tools, how to build healthy relationships, how to raise kids who do not commit DV or fall victim to it, and ways to set goals for a productive life.
  2. How many classes are required?  Criminal Courts and Probation Orders require52 Lessons (2 hours each) to meet the CA State requirements.   You may do one per week unless otherwise ordered to do more by a Judge.  Volunteers may elect to take fewer classes.
  3. What do I bring to my first meeting?  Payment for Enrollment (or use PayPal to pay online through the Class Schedule Link).  Please bring your minute order, conditions of probation, driver’s license, and any other documents you think would be related to your case.
  4. Do I get a Certificate of Completion at the end?  YES – we provide a document to you and you submit the proof of completion to any party who needs one or take it to the Probation Department.  We will also inform Probation of your successful completion.
  5. Can I start at any time?  YES – we do not have a waiting period since we rotate through the lesson plan so you can join any week in any location.  Call for an appointment or email
  6. Can I switch classes between locations?  NO – please select and attend the location that works best for you and stick with that one.  An exception may be made if you relocate to a new city.
  7. Can I miss a week?  YES you are allowed to miss up to 3 classes in a year.
  8. Do I have to take the class from the same provider from one on the Probation List?  YES – others may offer it (i.e., online options) but they are not approved by Probation.  Cornerstone is APPROVED.
  9. What is the fee?  Standard Fee for a DV Group Model Class is $30 per lesson.  You may enroll on line using the PayPal link on this website.  See Class Schedule for Domestic Violence Class for that option.
  10. How do I get a Financial Review?  You can arrange a financial review to see if you may qualify for a fee reduction by emailing Cornerstone in advance of your enrollment.  We will instruct you on what items you must bring to be considered for the reduction (expenses, SSI, tax returns, paystubs, all bills, etc.).
  11. Do I have to purchase a textbook?  NO- this is optional.  Many clients see it as a valued resource – books cost $25 to enrollees. 
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Ventura County Probation Dept. Letter of Recommendation:

Ventura County Probation Dept. Letter of Recommendation - J. Hunter

Download: Ventura County Probation Dept. Letter of Recommendation
Ventura County Probation Letter - Lompart:

Positive remarks by Probation Auditor.

Download: Ventura County Probation Letter - Lompart
Domestic Violence Resources:
Bibliography of Resources for DV - Men Who Batter
Download: Domestic Violence Resources
Acorn Article on Dangerous Silence in DV Cases:
Cornerstone Commentary for Thousand Oaks Acorn Article. Please see the full article for story.
Download: Acorn Article on Dangerous Silence in DV Cases
Cornerstone Client Testimonial:
See the attached client feedback on our services.
Download: Cornerstone Client Testimonial
Domestic Violence Presentation Slides:

Slides from CSUN Presentation on Domestic Violence Cases.

Download: Domestic Violence Presentation Slides
Testimonial from Dan a Graduate:
Please see this Video from Dan who attended 52 classes at Cornerstone.
Video Overview of the Cornerstone Program:
Carolina speaks about Cornerstone Classes and materials.
DV Class FAQs:

Domestic Violence Treatment Class Facts:

Download: DV Class FAQs
Domestic Violence Treatment Book - For Men:

Cornerstone Domestic Violence Lesson Treatment is a workbook used in our Batterers Treatment Program.  This book consists of cognitive-behavioral interventions for improving skills.  It contains exercises for exploring personal growth.  As a group lesson model, participants can finish the program in 52 weeks (2 hours per lesson in group size of 10 or more).

The client EQ factor, or emotional intelligence, should also be increased when applying these tools.  EQ is the dimension of intelligence that is responsible for our ability to manage opportunities when presented and manage relationships with others.  There are Five Critical EQ Tasks:

1.  Self-awareness - knowing your emotions, recognizing feelings as they occur, and discriminating between them.

2.  Mood management - handling feelings so they're relevant to the current situation and you react appropriately.

3.  Self-motivation -"gathering up" your feelings and directing yourself toward a goal.

4.  Empathy - recognizing feelings in others and tuning into their verbal and nonverbal cues.

5.  Managing relationships - handling interpersonal interaction, conflict resolution, and negotiations.

Improving overall life outlook and making constructive changes is a natural outcome of improving EQ.  This book is self-published and can only be ordered through Cornerstone Counseling Center.

Price includes shipping in the USA (except Alaska and Hawaii); Discounts available for orders over 8.


Download: Domestic Violence Treatment Book - For Men
LA County List 6-2016:


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