Dating Profile Coaching

How to make the most of your online dating profile

You need a professional with years of client experience to help you build and attract the right partner for you!

Common mistakes are made when setting up the web profiles and you will attract the wrong people!  The web is the best source for finding partners but many people do not know proper strategies for presenting themselves.  They also do not know how to correctly select potential mates and usually end up frustrated or on dates with real losers!  Worse still are the scams that take place and extract millions of dollars from unsuspecting people.  We have a solid set of guidelines that will help you build a profile and photo selection that will get you through this challenge.

Common Goals of Clients we work with:

·         To actually be able to approach a person they are attracted to and communicate effectively

·         To date more people they are attracted to on more than just a physical level

·         To decrease or overcome objections when speaking to a person they are attracted to

·         To handle objections during the initial approach or follow up dates

Cornerstone counseling can help!  We have experts in place to coach you on the details!  Call 805-390-6384 now to get stated.  Or email us at .  




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