Counseling Services

Counseling services are for clients who wish to improve families and relationships.  We orffer individual, family or group counseling settings.   We are court approved and you can do classes in our various locations. The following is a list of services provided:  Para services in Espanol llame numero 805-297-5762.

Coparenting Classes/ Parallel Pareting Classes - LA and Ventura Court Approved

‚ÄčThis is 4-10 Class Meetings (Depending on the class you select) model that meets court requirements for Divorcing parents who are raising their children from two separate homes. We help clients build a healthy environment for children and collaborate for the benefit of their mutual children.  This program educates parents on how to provide a structured and companionate environment for children while reducing conflict.  

Parenting Classes - Ventura County Approved Provider

This class teaches Emotionally Intelligent  Parenting tools to help parents manage challenges and accelerate their child’s own emotional and behavioral development.  It contains lessons on how to deliver Natural and Logical Consequences, build self-esteem and correctly apply key parenting principles to enhance confidence.  This course is a minimum of 4 Meetings.

Domestic Violence Treatment Group Classes - Ventura County Probation Approved Provider

Probation Approved for 52-sessions of group psychoeducation to learn ways to eliminate family violence. Los Angeles County and Ventura County Approved Provider.  Please DO NOT BE FOOLED by websites stating you can do your classes online - THOSE WILL NOT COUNT FOR COURT! 

Anger Management Program - Ventura County Probation Approved Provider

Group Education or Individual Sessions using various cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT) that are evidence based approaches.

  • Groups can be a helpful and appropriate therapeutic modality for all client groups.  Certain issues, such as stigmatization and shame, isolation, and poor self-esteem, are especially amenable to group treatment. In group treatment, all clients can learn that their experiences and feelings are shared by others, thereby correcting erroneous beliefs and cognitive distortions that result in feelings of stigma and shame.

Monitored Supervision

Supervision type (In or Out of Office).  Meets Court requirements.  We are court approved in LA and Ventura County.

Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy in a confidential setting – Adults Tenns and Children.


  • Extreme Hardship: Evaluations are often performed for non-citizens or the spouse and children of the non-citizen.
  • Emergence of a mental illness while in the process of immigration proceedings 
  • Cognitive evaluations for individuals applying for N-648- Medical Exceptions for Individuals with Disabilities
  • Violence Against Women’s Act (VAWA)

Reunification Therapy

Cornerstone conducts reunification therapy for parents who have been reintroduced to their children and need therapy for improved communication and reunion.

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