Counseling Services

Counseling services are for Court Ordered Clients or Volunteers who wish to improve families and relationships.  We orffer individual, family or group counseling settings.  The following is a list of services provided:

Coparenting Classes

This is a 10-lesson model of educating parents who are raising their children from two separate homes (after divorce).  It will help them work toward building a healthy environment for children after divorce or separation.  This program educates parents on how to provide a structured and companionate environment for children while reducing conflict.

Parenting Classes

Group counseling to educate parents on skills to effectively manage their children’s development.  This program helps parents set boundaries and reward positive behaviors.

Domestic Violence Treatment Group Classes

Probation Approved for 52-sessions of group psychoeducation to learn ways to eliminate family violence. Los Angeles County and Ventura County Approved Provider.

Anger Management Program

Group counseling or Individual Sessions using various cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT)

Group therapy is frequently used in conjunction with other treatments and services as a method for addressing specific issues. The benefits of group therapy include:

  • Providing members with opportunities to ventilate feelings in a safe environment and receive feedback from others experiencing similar problems.
  • Providing children with opportunities to improve their social skills, develop satisfactory interpersonal relationships, increase empathy, establish social support systems, increase self-awareness and self-esteem, and develop problem-solving skills.

Groups can be a helpful and appropriate therapeutic modality for children, adolescents, parents, offenders, and non-offending parents. Certain issues, such as stigmatization and shame, isolation, and poor self-esteem, are especially amenable to group treatment. In group therapy, children and adolescents can learn that their experiences and feelings are shared by others, thereby correcting erroneous beliefs and cognitive distortions that result in feelings of stigma and shame.

Group therapy is contraindicated when an individual is extremely disturbed, is unable to share the attention of the therapist with others, cannot verbally express his or her feelings, or is involved in a crisis situation that requires one-to-one support.

Monitored Supervision

Therapeutic Type or Regular Visit Supervision type (In or Out of Office).  Meets Court requirements.

Individual Psychotherapy

Therapy in a confidential setting – Adults and Children.

Counseling to Quit Smoking

Cigarette prices are going up!!  Smoking marks moments in your day. You look forward to that morning cigarette, the mid-day smoke break or after-dinner light up. Replacing your smoking habits with new healthy ones can help you past these cravings. Instead of lighting up when you wake, drink a glass of water. Replace the afternoon smoke with a run up and down the office stairwell. After dinner, try three minutes of deep breathing. Making these small changes will have a big impact on your life.  Seek counseling with us for more help!

Reunification Therapy

Cornerstone conducts reunification therapy for parents who have been reintroduced to their children and need therapy for improved communication and reunion.

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