Co-Custody High Conflict Parenting or Coparenting

Co Custody Parenting Classes:  10 - 12 Lessons in group or individual format.  This course does meet Family Law requirements in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and various other California counties.

  • People are capable of learning new behaviors.  Helping professionals have a responsibility to assist people to discover and employ their strengths and to affirm their capacity to grow and change.
  • Problems of living are often produced by inadequate knowledge and/or coping mechanisms.  By gaining knowledge and learning new skills, people often not only resolve difficulties, but also achieve personal growth in the process.


  • Human behavior is purposeful and goal directed, although the purpose and goals are often not in our best interest.  Counseling will help with vision and guidance. 


  • Many problems of living are societal and systemic rather than personal or interpersonal.  By learning to implement effective strategies, people can effect changes in various types of systems.
  • Adversity is an inherent part of the human condition, but human beings grow in strength through meeting adversities.  Life's crises, therefore, represent opportunities for growth and mastery as well as sources of strain.

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