Co-Custody High Conflict Parenting or Coparenting

Meets LA and Ventura Court requirements for HIgh Conflict Parenting classes.   12 Lessons over 6 meetings (call for details).  Please DO NOT BE FOOLED by websites stating you can do your classes online - THOSE WILL NEVER COUNT IN COURT!  We are court approved and you can do classes in our various locations. See the Class Schedule.


The saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” This applies to the high conflict that commonly appears in divorce and custody battles. When one of the parties refuses to “tango,” he or she takes the first step in regaining independence.

By taking responsibility to establish appropriate boundaries, one party can diminish the heat of the high conflict, thereby allowing everyday life to become more peaceful and less disruptive. This can make a great difference for the long term well-being of the children.

Our experience has shown us that one of the parents in a High Conflict divorce or custody battle frequently have no intention of attending a conflict diversion program – even if ordered by the court. And if they do attend class, will do little to integrate the concepts of the class.

Our High Conflict Diversion Program (high conflict parenting class) requires that only one parent understand and implement the strategies we teach. Even with changes incorporated by one parent, the conflict can be stopped.

It should be noted that when substance abuse, personality disorders or other issues of this nature (such as a spouse who can’t or won’t “disconnect”) are involved, special and more individualized strategies are required. These are all incorporated into the curriculum and a major focus of the High Conflict Diversion Program.

While a peaceful daily life is an obvious objective, getting there can seem overwhelmingly difficult. Although the high conflict itself is very stressful, it is also familiar and keeps both parties connected to one another in a painful dance. Disengaging from this pattern is a lot easier with support and guidelines to help make that first step successful.

Group classes are 12 Lessons over 10 hours. Call 805-390-6384 for more information or enroll online by going to CLASS SCHEDULE.

INTAKE FORM for the Group Class - Please Bring to First Meeting!

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