Welcome to the Cornerstone Counseling Center!

Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling Center - LA and Ventura County locations!  At Cornerstone Counseling Center we specialize in counseling, psycho-educational classes, court-approved courses, High Conflict Co-custody Parenting education, supervised visitation, College and Career coaching, Reunification Therapy, Supervised Visitations, and many other services on a sliding scale.

Another area of expertise is our Technology Addiction.  This is an emerging problem area with both Adults and Teenagers. And one that’s not very well-studied to date, so it’s best to talk to a health care provider that is well versed in treatment options. A person’s mental health history; what kind(s) of technology they’re addicted to; and personality can all play roles in deciding on the best approach.  Areas include GAMING, Cellphone, Internet and Social Media.

We are pleased to announce our alliance with CIGNA and the NFL Players Association.  We offer behavioral health, counseling, family therapy and personal coaching services to current and former NFL Players and their family members.   Please see visit the NFL Players Summary for more information on all our NFL related services.  

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If you are a former client who had a positive experience with our program, please visit us on YELP to give us some cudos!  Thanks!

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